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The SLT Zero One Awards for Digital Excellence is open to all Sri Lankan companies, organizations and individuals. There is no limit to the number of categories you may enter but you may only submit one entry per award.

Entries that are pornographic in nature, promote hate, discrimination, and violence are not eligible to enter and will be automatically disqualified.


Applicants are required to fill out the online application form together with their entry to the SLT Zero One Awards for Digital Excellence. An applicant can submit only one entry per award, but may submit entries for other awards.

Check the submission guidelines 


Entries received via the Call for Entries are evaluated thoroughly by an independent panel of judges against a number of criteria. The panel selects the shortlisted entries and the winners for the SLT Zero One Awards.


Our panel of judges independently evaluates the entries that have been submitted for both the company and individual categories. Each entry is evaluated against a set of criteria and the top entries are shortlisted accordingly.

Shortlisted entries are announced a month prior to the awarding ceremony.

Members of our panel are assigned specific categories to evaluate. To make sure that there is no conflict of interest in terms of judging, judges are not allowed to judge an entry which they have professional or personal affiliation. An internal panel ensures that judging is done fairly and accurately.


Shortlisted entries are judged by industry experts and the winners are determined accordingly. Should there be a tie, a judge of any individual category will be tasked to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Note that SLT or the organizing committee of the SLT Zero One Awards does not influence the judges in any way. The judges are experts, luminaries and professionals from different fields.

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